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Abingdon, MD – September 29, 2011 - QuickSilver Analytics, Inc. (QS) announced today that it has obtained exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to Law Enforcements Technologies' (LET) internationally marketed Rapid Identification / Friend or Foe (RIFFTM) and Instant Shooter Identification (ISID-2TM) gunshot residue kits, as well as exclusive rights to the underlying technology originally developed by and licensed under agreement with Sandia National Labs. While QuickSilver had previously sold the RIFF and ISID-2 kits via their online catalog, this acquisition provides them with the added benefit of being the only licensed RIFF/ISID manufacturer and distributor in the world. What this means for potential customers, and third-party vendors is that any future RIFF or ISID purchases will originate from QuickSilver.

Initially conceived by LET, the RIFF kit was developed to support combat forces in Iraq by helping to quickly identify combatants from non-combatants. Today the RIFF kit is considered a government standard and agencies including the FBI, ATF, and National Park Service regularly use this kit in domestic investigations, while international clients including Japan, The United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and NATO use the kit worldwide.

While the RIFF kit itself is a portable, efficient, presumptive means of detecting gunshot residue on a suspect, the results of this test alone are not sufficient enough to be considered evidence in a court of law. In response to this shortcoming, LET created the ISID-2. Portable and self-contained, the ISID-2 consists of the same components found within the RIFF kit, as well as the means to preserve test results for evidentiary analysis. These features, combined with the fact that the RIFF and ISID-2 are a fraction of the cost of most gunshot residue detection technology, are what have helped make these kits highly sought-after by government and law enforcement agents around the world.

Although QuickSilver is pleased to be taking over the manufacturing and distribution for LET, the acquisition will have little effect on QS's daily operations. As one of the nation's chief Chemical/Biological/Explosive Kit suppliers, QuickSilver Analytics has offered the RIFF and similar products for some time.

"We are excited about being the sole manufacturer of the RIFF and ISID Kits. These kits provide an explosive sampling capability to our existing product line" says Rodney Hudson, CEO of QuickSilver Analytics.

QuickSilver Analytics Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 CVE Verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. They have been providing services and products for Chemical and Biological Warfare Defense, HAZMAT teams and first responders since 1994. Their staff includes best-in-class chemists, microbiologists, quality assurance personnel, engineering assistants, and project managers. Headquartered in Abingdon, Maryland, just outside of Aberdeen Proving Grounds, QuickSilver is a charter member of the Maryland Chapter of the Elite Service-Disabled Veteran owned Business Network.

If you would like more information about this topic please contact Rodney Hudson or Bill Apostol at 410-676-4300

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