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March 2008 - QuickSilver Analytics is adding the Push-Up Box™ to its product line. The Push-Up Box™ is designed to provide error-free, waste-free dispensing of KIMWIPES® down to the very last tissue.

The advantages are:

  1. Easy, waste-free dispensing: One tissue every time. Ensures the top tissue is always at an easy reach, ready when you need it, down to the very last tissue. No more digging around and coming up with three or four tissues, minimizing waste. This feature was the primary motivation for designing the product.

  2. Accessible and portable: The Push-Up Box™ removes the effort of walking over to a permanent wall dispenser. Position the Push-Up Box™ at a hand’s reach of your work.

  3. Single-piece construction: This durable high-impact polystyrene dispenser is a one-piece, injection-molded box. No assemble required, no glued joints.

  4. Protects the tissues from moisture: Protects KIMWIPES® box from accidental spills in the work area.

How the Push-Up Box™ works:

  1. Remove the oval cutout from the bottom of the KIMWIPES® box.

  2. Place the KIMWIPES® box over the Push-Up Box™ and drop into place.

Please contact Amy Groth or Chris Johnson if you have any questions about the Push-Up Box™ or would like to make a purchase at 1-877-725-7587 or sales@qckslvr.com.

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