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December 2010 - QuickSilver Analytics, Inc. is pleased to announce that the QSA 102 and QSA 102T Chemical and Biological Sampling Kits are now available through the Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP) Phase II offerings.

The deadline for applications is January 13, 2006. Applications are available on line at www.rkb.mipt.org.

The QSA 102 Chemical and Biological Sampling Kit is the premier field sampling collection kit for chemical and biological warfare materiel, as well as toxic industrial chemical and toxic industrial materials. All sampling tools and equipment in the three chemical modules that come in contact with the sample are cleaned and or chemically screened for over 10 chemical warfare-related compounds, their degradants and a representative list of semi-volatile compounds. All sampling tools and equipment in the biological module are sterile. All cleaning and screening is conducted in a certified ISO 9001:2000 laboratory.

This dynamic sampling kit is a self-contained and rugged sampling kit in a backpack configuration, providing enough supplies to take six solid, liquid, and/or wipe chemical samples, plus six biological samples. All tools and consumables are conveniently packaged for ease-of-access and are single use. Each backpack is identified with a serial number for tracking purposes.

The QSA 102T is the training version. The training kit is identical to the real world model, with the exception that the sample tools and equipment have not been cleaned and/or screened. The kit also includes a training CD and pictorial sampling instructions. Replacement items can be obtained by visiting the QuickSilver web site @ www.qckslvr.com.

For more information on the QSA 102 and QSA 102T Chemical and Biological Sampling Kits and the CEDAP Program, please contact Ms. Nancy Trask.

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