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Chem-Bio Sampling Kit Upgraded to CBRE

January 2006 - QuickSilver Analytics, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of both radiological and explosives sampling capabilities to all of their best-selling Sampling Kits.  The QSA 102 (backpack version), QSA 600TC (transport cart) and QSA 800HC (hard case) have been upgraded to include radiological and explosives capabilities. The upgraded kits provide the necessary equipment to sample for 3 explosives (gunshot residue) and 6 radiological wipe samples, as well as being able to obtain 6 chemical and 6 biological samples.  These added features allow the QuickSilver sampling kits to be more versatile and to better meet customer needs.  All the required sampling tools and components are provided with each sampling kit.

All chemical sampling tools and equipment that come in contact with the sample are cleaned and or chemically screened for over 10 chemical warfare-related compounds, their degradants and a representative list of semi-volatile compounds (TICs and TIMs). The cleaning and screening is conducted in a certified, ISO 9001:2000 laboratory. The sampling tools and equipment in the biological module are sterile.

Variations of the “standard QuickSilver kit models” have been provided to a myriad of state, local and federal agencies involved with Weapons of Mass Destruction or HAZMAT/First Responder sampling.  Please contact QuickSilver Analytics for information on customizing a sampling kit to meet your specific sampling requirements.

*QSA 102 CBRE Model shown. A training version, QSA 102T CBRE, is available at a reduced cost.

QuickSilver Analytics, Inc. (QS) is a veteran-owned, small business started in 1994 and is based out of Abingdon, Maryland. QuickSilver is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company with a mission "to provide quality chemical and biological (CB) products and services for a safer world." QS also has the certified personnel to train others on the use of the HAPSITE. This is a powerful tool for the identification of unknown organic chemicals and can be used in many settings and locations where a conventional laboratory GC/MS system is not possible.

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