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Hampstead, NC - June 1, 2018 - QuickSilver is pleased to announce the re-launch and immediate availability of its RIFF (Rapid ID/Friend or Foe) and/or ISID (Instant Shooter ID) GSR/Explosive kits.  A distribution hurdle that temporarily put a hold on availability has now been resolved through improvedpackaging and integrity testing.  As a result, QuickSilver is very confident that no further issues with availability moving forward are expected (with clear distribution tools to ship world-wide).  The RIFF kit also underwent an enhancement in the form of the addition of an evidence collection swab (for scanning electron microscopy (SEM)analysis, confirmatory testing as needed).  We look forward to working with our existing customers and new law enforcement partners to expand the use of these tools in the field.  Please contact QuickSilver for updated information and/or questions.  Product information and pricing can also be found on QuickSilver’s website www.qckslvr.com orhttp://www.chembiokits.com/GSR.html.


The lack of a real-time, reliable field technique to detect the recent firing of a hand gun means that a decision by a law enforcement officer to further investigate a suspect maybe delayed for hours or days until the analytical results are returned from the laboratory.The technology utilized in QuickSilver’s RIFF and ISID kits is quick, reliable,portable, and field compatible for the rapid screening of suspects.  The ease of use and quality of results distinguish QuickSilver’s kits from products marketed by other firms.

The RIFF kit was developed to support combat forces in Iraq by helping to quickly identify combatants from non-combatants. Today the RIFF kit is considered a key tool by the US government.  Agencies including the FBI, ATF, and National Park Service have used the kits in domestic investigations, while international clients in Japan, The United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and NATO have used the kits worldwide.

While the RIFF kit itself is a portable, efficient, presumptive means of detecting gunshot residue on a suspect, the results of the presumptive, on the spot test alone are not sufficient to be considered strong evidence in a court of law.   However, the ability to collect a sample using the included extra swab offers an improvement over previous versions of the RIFF kit.  Additionally, one can use the ISID-2 kit for forensic-quality evidence collection. Portable and self-contained, the ISID-2 consists of the same components found within the RIFF kit, as well as the means to obtain/preserve test results for further evidentiary analysis. These features, coupled with their relative cost effectiveness, are what have helped make these kits Testing by Sandia National Labs has also demonstrated the ability of the technology to detect the presence of common explosive compounds, such as TNT (pure, crystalline), Semtex 1-A (nominally 90%PETN and 10% (unknown) plasticizer), COMP-B (nominally a 60:40 mixture of RDX and TNT), C4 (nominally 90% RDX and 10% polyisobutylene plasticizer), HMX (pure, powdered), HNS (pure, powdered), and Propellant from 105mm artillery shells.

If you would like more information, please contact: Sales@qckslvr.com or +1 910-660-0499.

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